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How much does embargo cost?

Embargo costs $100 every month. Please note that the price charged for new subscribers may vary and is subject to change. If you are already a member we will never change your subscription price.

What type of events do you cover?

We cover a range of different events from sports, to music to free events, We have everything covered!

Can I resell events happening in another country?

Yes, e-tickets mean that you can resell events all over the world regardless of where you live.

Is reselling tickets legal?

Yes reselling tickets is legal however the exact rules and restrictions may vary depending on where you are situated. It is always best to read up on this in advance if you are unsure on the legalities surrounding ticket reselling.

What is included?

Embargo includes a range of features;

Regular release posts for UK, EU, US and global events
1/1 Support
Regular lectures
Ticket reselling course
+ more

How much capital do I need to start?

The great thing about ticket reselling is it is easy to get started with little capital. We recommend starting with at least £3-500.

How can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at anytime via our dashboard on https://whop.com

Will I get stuck with tickets I can not sell?

Being stuck with tickets is a rare occurrence as there are a range of different ways you can sell tickets. In the worse case scenario you can usually always recoup the face value of the tickets.

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